Program Discovery Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2a Phase 3
Influenza CC-42344
(Influenza A PB2 Inhibitor)
Discovery Phase complete
Preclinical Phase in progress
Phase 1 Phase not started
Phase 2a Phase not started
Phase 3 Phase not started

We are developing novel, broad spectrum influenza antivirals that are specifically designed to be effective against all significant A strains of the influenza virus and to have a high barrier to resistance due to the way they target the virus’s replication machinery. Our uniquely developed molecules target the influenza polymerase, an essential replication enzyme with several highly essential regions common to multiple influenza strains, including pandemic strains.

CC-42344, our lead molecule, binds to a highly conserved PB2 site of influenza polymerase complex and exhibits a novel mechanism of action which inhibits replication. CC-42344 has shown excellent antiviral activity against influenza A strains, including avian pandemic strains and Tamiflu® resistant strains, and shows a favorable pharmacokinetic and drug resistance profiles. CC-42344 is currently being evaluated in preclinical IND-enabling studies for the treatment of influenza.