Partnerships & Licensing

Merck Logo

Exclusive license and collaboration agreement with Merck to discover and develop certain proprietary influenza A/B antiviral agents.

Under the terms of the agreement, Merck is funding all research and development for the program, including clinical development, and will be responsible for worldwide commercialization of any products derived from the collaboration.

Kansas State University Logo

License agreement with Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) to further develop certain proprietary broad-spectrum compounds for coronavirus and norovirus.

InterX Logo Hitgen Logo

InterX Inc. and HitGen Collaboration

Research collaboration with InterX, Inc., a private Silicon Valley computer software company, and HitGen, Ltd., a public biotechnology company (SHSE: Shanghai Stock Exchange), to develop small molecule drug candidates against several undisclosed targets.

We are always looking at opportunities to create value through partnering opportunities.

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